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Career Coaching by Urja Pawar

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Hi! I am Urja, a PhD Student based in Ireland. From my undergraduate to working in startups, and corporate jobs to researching in academia, I have always been exploring different work environments and tech domains. It has been really a rough ride for me while deciding my next career move. I remember myself pondering about my choices and getting tensed when comes to accomplishing long term goals almost every night. I used to talk to almost every senior colleague and Linkedin connections while making decisions. And so, if you are in a similar situation as I used to be, please book a session and get sorted. We can't really wait and waste our time for this long, can we?


What I Specialize In

Machine Learning

Causal Inference

Explainable AI

Android/Web Development


Keyboard and Mouse

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I really enjoyed talking to Urja and learned a lot. She was very insightful and answered all of my questions. Infact I want to run things by her once more when I finally start applying to grad school in a year or two. So I hope we can stay in touch.

- Onkar Bharatesh

Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Sample Testimonial 2

- Sam Tyler

Sample Testimonial 2

- Sam Tyler

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